About Us : Komet offer a complete, customer-focused, film and corporate video production service. Our services include scripting and planning, filming, photography, editing, voice overs, graphics, animation, soundtrack DVD design and duplication.

We specialize in creating captivating original content for all of our clients, be they from the corporate sector, International organizations or broadcasters. We handle broadcast, video and digital media, from creative concept to completion. Our teams deliver innovative and distinct visual communication through video, photography and motions graphics.
Vina Hiridjee / David Chical
Director & Producer / Producer & Director of Photography

Vina Hiridjee is a film director and video producer based between Paris and Berlin. She heads Komet’s inspired team. She started her career in broadcast journalism in 2006 as a TV producer for TV5 Monde. She has produced and directed many documentary and arts related programs for Arte, TV5 Monde, TRACE TV, as well as international and private clients. She has also directed and overseen the production of numerous videos for renowned organizations such as the World Bank Group and the Agence Française de Développement. Vina has successfully produced Audio Visual content in more than 30 countries.



Video Production / Post production
  • Script writing and story board development
  • Documentary film production
  • DVD and corporate video production service
  • Training videos
  • Promotional films
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
Motions graphics and visual effects
  • Logo animations
  • Infographic animations
  • Green screen compositing
  • Set extensions
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Visual effect compositing
Photography and brochure design
  • Advertising: Print, online, outdoor, broadcast
  • Brochure design: corporate, marketing, publishing


Inspire and transform !
Komet knows that advocacy is an important tool for international and non-profit organizations, and we take this very seriously. For almost 5 years, we have produced films, PSAs, and other contents for international organizations such as the World Bank and non-profit organizations across Asia and Africa, telling the stories of people in a sensitive, yet compelling, and effective manner. We believe that videos made for international and non-profit organizations should offer strong visual impressions, whilst conveying a clear, efficient and memorable message to be broadcasted widely on different media. Special care is also taken at the conceptual level to conceive a video that has the potential to become viral on the Internet.

Africa and Asia are especially close to our heart.
Komet has been involved in the film and television industries since 2008 and has produced numerous original and thought-provoking reportages and documentary films in several African and Asian countries for renowned TV channels (TV5 Monde, Arte, France TV). Komet has recently produced six exclusive documentary films about wildlife and biodiversity conservation in South East Asia for the National French channel 'France 2', as well as cultural reportages for the Franco-German TV program 'Tracks', broadcasted on Arte. Recently Komet was awarded the New Media Fund from the CNC (National Centre for Cinema and the Moving Image) to support the innovative and interactive audio-visual project 'We Speak Hip hop', intended for tablets, smartphones and connected screens.

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